Thursday, May 3, 2012

Faith of a Mustard Seed

We have taken some time to be able to process some if the news about Beckett.  Our family has decided to go out on faith and trust God for the strength and funds to help take care of our little boy. I have been frustrated with the system put in place to help children and adults with special needs.  I am disappointed in the lack of funding that our nation has for these very needy individuals.  It is sad to see working people who want the best for their children struggle for every dime to get the needed care for their family members.  It seems that the richest nation on Earth can't find the necessary money to help people with minimal care. We are not talking the best of care, but the absolute bare minimum.
The decade of waiting is outrageous. The delay in critical developmental time is caustic for the brain to be able to make the best progress.  Without this time the chance for growth is slowed or lost. The burden is put on the public school system and it is already strained to its capacity. The average person who is working are punished for working. The ones who are well and able to work and don't, get the most from our financially stressed system.
My husband and I have gone out on a limb to try and get our son the care he needs.  Having to put our pride aside and ask people we know and even people we don't to help us get care for Beckett has been a humbling experience. We have set up a donation website to help raise funds to provide for his needed therapies, which include Occupational and Speech Therapy (recommended two times a week but he goes once) and the recommended Physical Therapy that we haven't started yet because we can't afford all the co-pays.  He also needs a special computer that will help him communicate and his SMO braces for his feet every 6 months.  We know that God will provide his needs and Beckett will be used for Gods Glory no matter the turn out.  I won't hide the fact that it is very hard for us to keep the faith, but we try to take it day by day.  We stand on the promise God made that He can move mountains with the faith of a mustard seed. (Matthew 17:20)  Some days I think that is all I have, but He still brings me through.