Sunday, October 26, 2014

Just Me

Have you ever just wondered how you were going to live through the day, hour, minute or even second?  I am sure that we at some point in time have all been there. When raising a child with special needs there is never a true time of rest and relaxation. Many people don't know that because they haven't experienced it. I get frustrated sometimes that people have known you for years still just don't get it. On the other hand I am still very thankful for the ones that do. The hardest part for me is lowering my expectations of what people should be doing to help.  Sometimes I don't have family that is available or they choose not to help as much as I expect them too.  I am totally exhausted and need a break. 
My mind continuously races and I think about the future and if it will ever get better.  I know that I have not given up on trying to make things better, but the fact that I am mentally and emotionally drained and it doesn't seem to go away.  I am probably going to be cynical when I say this..but I really get sick of people that tell me "everything happens for a reason" or "God has a plan, you just don't know it yet".  Ya know?  I haven't lost my faith or believe in what God has planned for me, I am just so very tired. That just makes me want to slap the next person who tells me I am going through what I am going through because I did something wrong in my life and this is just Gods way of "getting my attention". Maybe?  I just choose to believe that right now I am suppose to just live day by day.

I try not to think too hard about tomorrow because we aren't promised tomorrow.  You will also have to excuse my sarcasm.  I wouldn't actually slap someone, but as my husband has jokingly told me in the past, "I just slapped you in the face with an imaginary fish".  All joking aside, it is scary and I'm left wondering when  Chris or I are gone, who will take care of my Bean? These things run through my mind daily.  I am told it's normal, which I am sure it is, I just don't let it paralyze me.  I have accepted the fact that for the rest of my life I will have to take care of a person who will not be able to take care of himself.  I still hope for a treatment or a cure, but I am trying to be realistic about it all.  That is a hard pill to swallow. 
I get frustrated when I try and talk to people who believe that he will "get better and grow out of it".  Yes, I do still hope for that, but in reality it isn't going to happen unless a miracle from God heals my little boy.  Which I guess He could, but I don't bank on it.  I wonder sometimes what I would actually do if he was healed?  Would I still be an advocate? Would I still be spreading awareness to help others?  I don't know?  Most likely, but that is part of me protecting myself from higher expectations and being disappointed later.  Sometimes I seem to get frustrated with how things are not moving as fast as I want I find myself getting mad at my own child's situation for being who he is.  It is hard dealing with the meltdowns, no breaks, no vacations, the financial stress and no help on a regular basis.  I do tell myself that it could be worse and I am sure it can be. It doesn't mean I don't have an occasional pity party. 
I have to keep strong, but sometimes I really need someone to be strong for me and my family.  These past few months have been trying on my patents and nerves.  I want my little boy not to have to suffer the confusion that goes on in his brain due to seizures.  His behavior has been off the chain lately and after many visits to the neurologist we are still waiting for a more conclusive solution to his emotional meltdowns and obsessive behavior.  On the bright side, Beckett has had more verbal progress in his speech.  He is trying to say more words and simple 3 words sentences.  He knows his manners and says "hank you" and "peeese" when something is given to him or when asking for something.  I hope the new EEG results come soon and that we can find a medicine that will work better to control his seizures and behavior outbursts.
Beckett's 3rd EEG of 2014