Monday, May 21, 2012

Potty Training & etc...

I have no idea even where to begin.  Do I start with how we are going with potty training or do I start with the transition time from daycare to the house during the afternoon?  Umm....well these two particular events have been the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. I actually thought that teaching middle school was much harder.  Boy, was I totally wrong!!
Potty training with Beckett has been quite difficult.  Getting him to tell us he needs to go is the hardest part. We have a digital voice box that has a button he pushes that his PPCD teacher has recorded the message, "I need to potty".  When we first put it up I think he pushed the thing 200 times.  Of course, this helps us know when he needs to go; if he'd use it the right way. We began to bring him every 30 minutes when we can.  Beckett can control himself for the most part, but its getting him to try and complete all the steps that's hard.  Due to his lack of motor coordination, he has a very hard time pulling his shorts and pull-ups up and down.  He knows to do all the steps, which is the frustrating part for me also.  Since summer has begun Beckett has gotten better about having fewer accidents and letting us know he needs to go. I finally got around to getting a second voice recorder to the daycare.  Within one day he learned to let his teachers know he needed to go potty by pushing the button.  Funny thing is all other 19 children in his class did the same thing. I warned his teachers of the "new novelty".
I know he still has trouble coordinating his motor skills to master all the steps to go potty.  I never really thought about the process of something very simple to the average person as being a really difficult one when you think about it. So far, it's been a week and he has had only one accident.  Hopefully by the end of summer he will be able to let everyone know when he needs to go.