Friday, June 1, 2018

The Hard Part

I keep saying I am going to write a tell all book one day... Well, it may come sooner than later.  In my almost 50 years of living these last 2 years have been the hardest to cope with.  The excitement of working to try and change the lives of others has been incredibly daunting.  I thought that doing something you love would bring great joy all of the time.  Which by no means doesn't mean I don't still love what I do, it just means I have had to deal with more people, more personalities, more points of view. Now it's coming down to the hard job of separating my personal life from work and dealing with problems circulating around business.

The line between being a parent and a leader of an organization has to be drawn.  The emotion and distinction between the two can't be mixed.  You are either a leader or a friend.  When it comes to business I must take the parent hat off and look at decisions made objectively. Removing ALL emotion to do what is best to focus on a mission I set out to accomplish.   That means sacrificing even more to get the job done the right way.  I didn't understand what it meant when said "It's lonely at the top".  It is lonely at the top.  I have realized so many things about human nature and how success changes the people around you.

I think sometimes people forget I am also dealing with the challenges of caring for a child with special needs. Grieving the loss of a son I will never have and accepting the fact I have to let go of the hope that what I am doing may never help him.

I am devastated by the fact that I have people thinking I am doing is all for selfish gain and to control. I am a person who has a calling to go out and try to do the very best I can. Paving a path for others that come behind me to make a better life for their loved ones. The most important part, to know they are not alone.  They may not like the way I have chosen to create this path or even the direction to keep it going, but it will not stop me from continuing. I will go with those who choose to help. I don't put on shows and I don't expect anything extra but respect.

My son and family live without me being there much of the time because I chose to help find treatments for others. My family has sacrificed relationships, money and mental health issues for this cause. Of course I chose this, my question is why wouldn't have anyone chosen to do this for my son? Why did no one else in the world step up?  Then I am questioned about my motive.  I have wanted to quit and leave it all, but who would do it?

I keep going because the few who don't understand or try too are not my concern.  My mission is to help ALL those that walk into my path.  I do what I do, because if I stop I would regret living knowing I missed reaching the goal for another to have a better life.  MY SON IS WORTH ME NOT STOPPING!  It's been an emotional last 2 years with the struggle of severe depression, thoughts of suicide of loved ones, therapy, antidepressants, a broken marriage trying to recover, financial burdens and then trying to find yourself and just love and acceptance.

The last few posts have been dark. This is real! This is life! This is me trying to cope.  As long as I am alive I will not stop and I will not give up the fight to find hope and happiness.  I will plow through the mud and dark hours and one day I will reach the light I am working so hard to find.

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