Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Have ever been broken? Almost like someone has taken you and ripped you into two, not even just two parts but into shreds? Your heart, mind, body and your spirit just cut into pieces all at once.  I am broken, tired, worn out and struggling to keep a smile on my face. Smiling through the tears. That's what it feels like to live and deal with a rare disease every.single.day!  How does one cope? Get up every day and face the same thing?  No treatment, no cure, and sometimes the feeling of hope dies, and that is a feeling of being broken into many tiny pieces.

Then the question comes, who will help you put it all back together? I find myself many days sitting alone wondering if anyone cares?  You hear silence, thinking in the back of your mind that maybe someone has to care as much as you. Waiting for a knight in shining armor to rescue you from the despair that overcomes you. Someone to help and maybe depend on them to carry your torch if you can't.

Funny thing about admitting these feelings is people judge you and question your ability to keep going on.  Hasn't everyone been there? The impression that no one cares as much as you.  I'm struggling to send the message about my cause getting others to see the bigger picture. Why can't they see? It is infuriating.  I ask myself why I keep on going doing what I do. I want to quit.  I want to stop and be free and let go. Would anyone care?

I can't do this life alone. I don't want to feel alone doing it. I find myself sometimes being trapped in a vortex of emptiness and loneliness because I can't get others to see what I see.  No, I can't control others perspectives or make them believe in my mission.  So what do I do?  I cry. I pray. I ask why and then keep going.  I have too.  I have no other choice but to keep going.

My son and the patients like him, their families are depending on me to keep going.  But then I think about mine.  I feel guilty when I leave, but then I love to travel.  I feel sad I quit a secure job with benefits, retirement, health insurance, but I risk it all because I knew in my heart what I was doing was the right thing to do.  I've heard that it was my choice to quit and I should expect to live a life of less because of the career choice I made.  People, even a couple of family have said that I am in this for fame and popularity.  I don't understand how this can make someone think this way.  I am not about that nor can believe why others would think that as I sacrifice my time, my own money, my family to find a treatment. For I know in the future will benefit millions.

Please mark my words.  The discoveries that will come to light will not only help our own but many others related to them.  One day people will see what I see.  One day people will be there to help. One day I will find the hope I have been searching for so hard and long for. One day we will have a treatment.

One day I will be free and no longer broken.

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