Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Blues

I guess I am going through the up & down emotions of having my oldest son in the United States Marine Corp Boot Camp right now.  He is in his 5th week and has started the 2nd Phase of training.  I worry about him getting hurt or getting sick.  I didn't think it would be this hard to let go as a mom.  His siblings are also missing him.  I can't remember the last time I actually watched the mailbox for letters.  Usually it's just the bills! LOL!  The twins seem to miss him too.  Pyper asks every now and then where he is and Beckett goes to his recliner every night to give him a kiss good night.  That's where Taylor usually was when he wasn't at work or at a friends house.  Anyway, I can't wait till September when he graduates and is officially a United States Marine!  Ooh Raa!!!

Since the beginning of summer we have had the twins in summer camp at our rec center. Beckett really seems to enjoy it.  He sure is tired though at the end of the day and has the occasional melt downs in the evening.  We ended up having to take him off his ADHD medication again, because of the irritability and anxiety it causes him.  It seems to cause his meltdowns to be worse as he comes down of the medication. 

I am happy to say that I have met another mom in my area with a son Beckett's age that has SYNGAP.  He is a little older than Beckett and looks a though he is hitting the same milestones at about the same time as Beckett did.  My new friend has told me about absence seizures that her son has.  I wasn't quite sure what they were until she explained them to me.  I have recently been paying closer attention to Beckett's behavior and have noticed that his inattention at times could be these types of seizures. I always thought his zoned out inattention could be chalked up to being his ADHD. She gave me the name of her neurologist and I have since made an appointment with him to check him for these type seizures.  So I am hoping to get clarification through a sleep study I am going to ask him to do. 

I have been feeling guilty because we don't' have him private therapy because of the cost and times available for me to have to go to work.  I understand much better how moms or dads have to give up their careers to take care of a special needs child.  It is incredibly frustrating!  I am glad that he gets to go to summer camp with his sister and be able to be around "normal" kids his age.  I believe it helps him understand the social expectations a bit better. I am also getting excited about him starting a full day PPCD and seeing where that will lead us this year.  Beckett is still on the waiting list for a day program for ABA, but we are still trying to workout getting to and from the program while I work.  I have faith the God will work out something if it His plan.  Hopefully the summer blues will subside soon.  I am trying to gear up for another year of teaching.  This will be year number 19 and counting!  Let's hope I can get to retirement..LOL! :)