Saturday, August 31, 2013


It's been crazy busy around my house these last few weeks.  I have once again started another school year.  This is my 19th year of teaching to be exact.  My husband and I have been teaching at the same school for 11 years, beginning our 12th.  I have 9 years and 173 days till I can officially retire from teaching.  But who's counting?  ;)
Since school has started I don't have preschoolers in my house at all.  Kind of hard to believe that my babies are growing all up.  Pyper has started Kindergarten and Beckett has started a half day PPCD and is being mainstreamed in Kindergarten the other half of the day.  I am so relieved to find before and afterschool care for the twins together.  Our FAC has accommodated us way above and beyond what they had to.  They have just loved on Beckett like he was their own.  Everyone in the Athletic Center knows him.  He's a charmer!  I know this is an answered prayer for us.  My stress level has come down a lot! 
Pyper and Beckett's 1st Day of Kindergarten
I am also pleased with the new medication he is on.  It is called Vayarin.  This is a medical food that is prescribed by the doctor.  It's primary use it to treat ADHD.  Beckett does not do well on stimulants. He freaks out when he comes down off them.  This particular "drug" is highly concentrated Omega 3.  It is formulated to pass through the blood brain barrier and is more able to affect the cells and provide the protein they lack.  This medication usually takes about 2 months to see the effects.  I saw a huge difference within 2 weeks. Mostly, I have seen an incredible difference in his speech.  I am flabbergasted at how he is now beginning to make more sounds, words and phrases than he ever has in his life.  I also have noticed a difference in his attention span.  He actually sits down and watches TV and videos on the computer for about 30 minutes at a time.  Before then that was unheard of.  He also seems more aware of his surroundings and tries to engage more with people.  Even his speech teacher at school has noticed a difference in his attention span and speech clarity.  This medicine has even chilled him out some.  He seems much less anxious about things.  This has been a medical miracle!!  He also sits and plays with toys and imitates more so than before.  It also could be that he is maturing a little bit too, but overall I am very pleased with the results of this medication he is taking. 

Poor Beckett had to have a tooth pulled this week.  When he fell on his front tooth in December swinging in a hammock, he again hit the same tooth and it abscessed.  So needless to say, having it pulled was an experience.  He is my little snaggle tooth now.  After some "happy juice" an some nitrous oxide, the dentist pulled his tooth out with out any struggle.  He did really good..and of course while they had him "loopy" they cleaned his teeth for the very first time. 
So far, it has been a great start to the year.  Now just to keep the routine!