Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Next Step...I Mean Jump!

It's been a busy last few weeks and looks like the next few will be even busier. It's Rodeo Season for my husband and I.  We volunteer at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo to give back to the community here in our city.  It is a lot of work, but it is an escape from our everyday routine. The kids also really enjoy the dressing up and seeing all of the farm animals and fun things they have for them.
The video is sides ways..opppsy!
Even in the midst of all the everyday life bustle, we are still chugging along.  We are excited to watch Beckett  making new strides.  We are learning to deal with his temper tantrums by both ignoring them and by placing him in our dimly lit room on the bed, while he cries out the fact he can't have what he wants.  We have been pretty consistent with it and it seems that they have gone from 2 -3 hours down to about 15 - 30 minutes.  His receptive communication seems to be getting better.  His new words are "hot" and "cooooollllddd"...He tends to drag out the vowel sounds in his words.  His vocabulary both verbal and signs have made huge gains since the beginning of school this last fall.  I am also noticing that he is beginning to play a bit more independent with toys, especially trucks. We have watched him looking at the wheels roll back and forth when he plays with his cars.  Since Christmas Beckett has loved his new trampoline.  He has actually learned how to jump really high.  It has really improved his coordination.  I do have to admit, it took him a while to actually climb into it.  We had to force him in and once he realized it was going to be ok, he loved it.  I have already thrown my back out twice jumping in it with him. He laughs so hard he sometimes can't stand in it. His laughs are contagious.  When I watch him I forget that he even has any problems and is just like any other
kid having fun.