Monday, February 20, 2012

Slow Moving Stream

We noticed that when Beckett would begin to make gains and advance a little, other characteristics would pop out in his personality. His tantrums became unbearable at times. Every time the front door opened and the chime went off, he raced to the door as fast as he could to go out. When he was about 30 months, we noticed that he became fascinated with water. This was a soothing activity for him.  His focus was scattered and when we could get his attention, it was only about 2 -3 minutes at a time.  I knew this was going to interfere with his learning. 

Our Little Water Boy
We were about 6 months away from enrolling him in our PPCD (Preschool Programs for Children with Disablilities) program at our local elementary school.  I was anxious to get him in so that he could have more regular and consistant intervention.  It was also feeling relief because the PPCD teacher was the wife of a coach my husband worked with.  But not only that, I had gotten feedback from other parents and employees that knew her and they said she was one of the best teachers in that position.  I knew she was going to take care of our boy.  In the meantime, we were waiting and preparing for his transition and were getting a better idea of how his progress should be moving. 

His therapist from ECI would tell us that development came in a particular order.  He would have to master his motor skills, both gross and fine before spoken language could be mastered.  He had a long way to go.  We were still trying to get him to eat with a utensil, hold an open cup to drink from and suck threw a straw.  He was able to walk upstairs, but not down yet and unable to jump.  It was heart breaking to watch him trying to jump. We knew he wanted to and just couldn't get his feet of the ground.  It was going to be a slow road a go. 

The funny thing is about his personality was all said in his name.  I had a hard time trying to find out what his name actually meant when he was a baby.  I ordered a Birthday Keepsake that had the information about his birthday day and it included the meaning of his name.  My husband and I weren't suprized to read that his first name means "Slow Moving Stream".  He was definaltly like a slow moving stream.  The one thing I think about a slow moving stream is that they start out slow  and as they move along their path then the end becomes a roaring wide river.  I know that Beckett will one day overcome his obsticles and become a strong determined individual that has many gifts to offer this world.  That is my prayer for him and I know that God will be faithful to answer it.