Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Waiting Game

Trying to get answers to why Beckett has problems has found me searching every nick and cranny for answers. It is going to take a long time. It is very hard to accept there could possibly be no answer to what happened and how to fix it.  I struggle with that reality on a daily basis.  As long as I am able and willing to find an answer, I will not stop until I do.  I am not really a "conspiracy theorist", but sometimes I do believe the people that are in the elitist part of our society tend to know more than they let on about health issues.  I do think that sometimes information is only revealed in circumstances that ones closest to the research have some kind of conscious and end up letting the "cat out of the bag" and "taking one for the team".  Almost like the cigarette industry came out with research saying that cigarettes caused lung cancer.  I am learning more and more everyday that our health system and the way things are run by our insurance companies are strictly politically driven.  It can be very frustrating at times to think that a persons life is put second to money and political gain.
Beckett's ECI graduation 4 days before he started PPCD at Ault Elementary

 I have vowed to fight to the end for my son and any other child who has had to encounter the system who doesn't care about their well being and to fight for a cure for mental disabilities, autism, and other neurological disabilities that keep a person from living a life that is normal.  It is exhausting to deal with a child that has disabilities and finding respite to have a somewhat normal existence.
However, the tiny gains that Beckett makes become huge celebrations.  He began his new PPCD class 2 days after his 3rd birthday.  I will never forget the day that he came home from his new PPCD class an could suck through a straw!! Sounds crazy, but Mrs. Julie got him to drink through a straw in almost 2 weeks of being in his new class.  I was actually worried that he wouldn't do much of anything in his new class since the school year ended in 3 1/2 weeks from when he started.  I was so wrong..Other concerns were about his bus ride to the school from the daycare and overall cooperation with the teachers.  He learned a routine in a fairly short time and began to make more sounds. His teacher sent us a video of his progress. He was making sounds he learned while in class the short time he was there before summer started.  I cried!  I do believe that God sent a pair of teachers to take care of him and help teach Beckett.  They have also helped us to deal with Beckett's disabilities.  I knew that the new school year would be a huge benefit for him and was excited about the new things he would learn in the Fall.