Wednesday, July 22, 2015

And Onto Another Specialist

Of course there is always something new popping up with our Bean.  At least we might have found out some answers to why he is constantly getting sick.  We took him to his first visit with an immunologist to see why he was getting strep all the time.  Well, the $3,500 worth of blood work came back from the eleven tubes of blood taken from our boy. 

Beckett's immunology reports  have peeked the interest of our immunologist. A couple of things that came up in his blood panel that were surprising.  Beckett seems to be on antibiotics all the time. His tests uncovered some interesting data in his blood samples. She found that his antibodies IgG and IgM are very low. His IgA was normal. She found that his numbers were low enough to watch over the next few months. A typical healthy child has anywhere from 700-800 levels, Beckett's are around the 500's when he is healthy. She said that if they go below 300 - 250 that she will recommend him having antibody infusions due to his immune system is not creating a high enough antibody count to fight off infection.  We would monitor his situation every 6 months. Also, his body did not create a high enough antibodies to tetanus. Which his other vaccines seemed to be adequate to fight off those other types of infections. She ask me if he scrapes and cuts took a long time to heal...which I never really thought about it..but it takes forever to have a wound heal fast. Anyway, I thought that this was an interesting find and I am going bring it up to the researchers to see if it could possibly be linked to SYNGAP.  She also recommended us take him to see and infectious disease doctor to rule out the possibility of him having PANDAS.  She said he exhibits all the criteria for PANDAS. That will be our next stop this fall.  We will be taking Beckett in November to have him skin pricked for all the allergies to penicillin.  That day should be fun...

I am glad it is summer time because Beckett is not sick as much during the summer.  Beckett has been progressing much faster than usual being on his Lamictal medication.   His expressive language has gotten much better and his annunciation of words has improved tremendously.  His cognitive abilities and behavior have also improved being on his new medication. Sometimes it scares me, because his problem solving skills are getting better, then on the other hand, he still doesn't understand the consequences of his choices.  I can only hope that comes in time.  

We are disappointed that he did not get to keep attending the regular day camp we planned for summer.  Not because of what he did, but because they would not offer him a "shadow" of sorts to keep him from wondering off and engaging him.  We now have him in an adaptive program where he gets a shadow with him and gets to play with children his own age.  So now, if he gets over stimulated because of the noise, she can take him to play in a quiet room to decompress some.  I love the program, it is just very expensive and will probably put us further into debt.  I do have to say, I would rather be in debt, than deprive him of the experience of being with others his own age and have friends.  
This boy LOVES Ranch Dressing!!