Thursday, May 16, 2013


Please pass this on to any families that you may know that would benefit from this information. I have some great news!! I spoke with Dr. Michaud last night about my son's Syndrome SYNGAP1. He has ask me to help him find families of children who have been identified. He is working on defining the condition to continue his research. He is the doctor who created the test for SYNGAP1. This syndrome has children who have characteristics of developmental delays, severe language delay and many other symptoms that are mistaken for other things. Autism Spectrum Disorder symptoms and possible seizures can be seen in some of these children, ...but not all. Mostly this syndrome causes Intellectual Disability. He has ask me to invite ...families who have this diagnosis to contact him to help him define conditions caused by SYNGAP1. He has told me that once they have an official definition has been made, research can continue to the next step of starting more ...
studies in humans, since they have mouse model data. Please share this with parents you may know who have autism or unexplained symptoms to push their doctors to get genetic testing. This is huge, because most people settle for the autism diagnosis and stop there and don't push for testing. The more people out there who are identified, the more money for research, then research for possible treatments can be done. So..needless to say...I'm on a MISSION now;)

Please watch the video on SYNGAP1

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