Friday, July 27, 2018

Searching for Peace - Being Real

I have to admit, the last two years of my life have probably been the most productive and yet the most daunting I have ever lived in my life.  Change is coming.  I am trying to let go of dreams that will never be and focus on the things that are supposed to matter the most.  I can't differentiate between the two.  Do my personal needs to go first and everything come behind or does the mission come first? I am struggling with the demons and experiences of my past and looking to the future never wanting to continue the same pitfalls as before.  My childhood was a hard one.  I had every material thing I could want.  But the expectations I had to live up to being perfect has never escaped me.

I have been married twice, which I never want to marry again.  I never want to trust another person to fulfill the needs I crave. Yet I long to be loved and desired.  This is what it has come to living and dealing with the sadness of losing the life you thought you would have.  I feel selfish and not sure how to even feel.  The job I quit was the first problem, the second is not having the ability to change my life now due to the extenuating circumstances.  I know I need to be elsewhere to make the mission I set out to do be a success.  The dilemma, do I leave everything behind and do what I was called to do without the support I thought I would have.  Or do I stay and be miserable and unhappy for the sake of someone else's happiness.  I have literally hit rock bottom.

I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I am coping with so many things I wish I could put on paper, but can't. Only a few know the inner workings of the last two years.  The loss of love and a life I was trying to navigate. I was deprived of being free because of the closet I was raised in. I was jaded trusting everyone thinking always others had the best intentions. I never was truly being loved or felt loved by the ones who were supposed to unconditionally. Making me grow up insecure and question my own existence in the world.  Therapy, anxiety pills and every so often glass of wine has been the coping mechanism.  I depended on people who I thought truly cared about me, take what they needed and leave.  I am trying to stay focused on the mission to find my son and others a treatment, but I can no longer do it alone.  Some of the people I depended on to help have fallen to the wayside, leaving me again to fin for the success of what I had set out to do.

I don't think the cavalry is coming.  Just like I know in the current circumstances there is no one coming to meet the needs I have.  I realize high expectations are what lead to depression, but where do you draw the line?  Everyone says you need to make yourself happy, but to make myself happy I would leave a wake of hurt in the path of me trying to be happy.  Is it easier to become numb?  The last 10 years of this journey raising a child with special needs has broken me. I feel like I have to live forever.  People see the smile on my face, but behind that is a person who feels unloved and just another pretty face.  I hang on only because I hope tomorrow will bring answers and relief. Waiting for peace. The struggle is real.

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