Monday, April 7, 2014


This is the part of the year is where it really gets hard to get up in the morning.  The same routine for approximately 187 days. Starting with getting up, organizing backpacks, fixing lunches, gathering clothes for school, making breakfast, getting dressed, doing hair, make-up, pouring a cup of coffee to go, grabbing the purse & backpacks then throwing kids in the backseat and go! Whew!  That's a mouth full!  Granted, I do understand that it is probably half the population of working women with children that carry out the same routine, but to add to that the harder days are when I have only had about 4 hours of sleep. This is due to Beckett getting up during the night and trying to get him back to sleep, if he ever does. It's even harder to get up at 5:30AM and do all of the above plus tack on entertaining/teaching a bunch of squirrely 6th graders science. But I have to laugh at myself when I have to top off the day like it started only to come up with an explanation to why they are going to need it in the "real world".  Makes me want to stick pencil in my eye!  LOL!  I am happy to say I am glad I only have 42 days left of school.  It's been a rough year this year.  I sure hope next year is much better and less tiring.

I am waiting to find out if Mr. B will be able to attend an ABA program here close to us.  If he does happen to get in we will have to find a way to get him there in the morning since I am working.  I am hoping that an online teaching job comes my way so that things will be a little easier to get him there.  We will be going back at the end of April to find out if his seizure medicine is working like it should.  I am thinking that it possibly is going to have to be changed because of his sleep disturbances and irritability increasing during transition times.  Another item on the list that I am going to have him checked for is a condition called PANDAS.  It is an autoimmune disorder that affects the brain, heart and joints when the body is exposed to the Strep infection antibodies.  We have noticed over the past few months that Beckett literally turns into a different child when he has a Strep infection.  So that is on my list of thing s to talk about when we return to the neurologist. 
I am hoping for some answers and a solution to some of his sleep problems.  Sleep is a good thing...I wish I could have more of it!