Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ohhhhh....The Joys of A 20 Hours EEG...And we're only 9 hours in.....

Well today is the day for Beckett's 20 hour EEG.  Stick me with a fork...cause I am DONE!! Poor baby came in all in a riff last night because not having him on his routine. That is a big NO, NO!  I was already sweating when I hit the door of the hospital carrying with me 4 pillows, a rolling suitcase containing toys and clothes, an ice cooler with food to get us through, my purse and then Beckett in tow.  You would have thought I was moving in.  None the less, we finally got in.  After the attendant brought us back, Beckett just wasn't having it!  He ended up pooping in his pants.(seems he does that when he doesn't want to be somewhere) had to change his clothes then get him to take his time released melatonin WITHOUT ice cream.  LOL!! Yea..they got all that on video...Well, after I struggled to get new clothes on him and cleaned up, the melatonin started to kick in.  He finally fell asleep with me holding him in this little bitty chair they have in his room.  I sang and I rocked, I sang and I rocked..repeat...LOL! My back was killing me in this little chair and I'm looking around in, asking myself..I'm really going to entertain this child for 20 hours in HERE!!! They MUST be crazy!  On top of that..sitting in this chair for about an hour and a half, I had to go pee!  REALLY BAD! I realized..they don't even have bathrooms in these rooms.  HOW STUPID!  At least they have a sink so I can at least run the water and make me need to go pee more!  UGH!

 On top of all that, the electrodes were finally on.  BUT..and yes that was a big BUT! There was something wrong with the wires or the box.  So now I had too try and keep him asleep so she could trouble shoot the wires so they could get a good read.  I was actually surprised that he stayed asleep for all of it.  Now only to get him into the bed without waking up.  YEA RIGHT!  You got it...Murphy's Law!  When something can go wrong it will.  Someone really needs to go shoot Murphy!  Not even 2 seconds after I laid him down, he's up!  Yep! And I still can't go pee. My eyeballs are floating!  LOL!  Yes, sometimes that is all you can do is laugh just to make it through.  Time in is only 4 hours and he has only been hooked up for 2 of those. Finally around 1am he dosed off long enough so I could slip out and go relieve myself.  Then I came back.......get in bed next to him thinking I can get some shut eye too. NOPE!  Beckett gets up and decides to poke me in the eye after I dosed off.  He thought that was great fun!  The tech had to come back in to readjust the probes because he figured out they were on his head.  Now it's a game.  He is just laughing it up, loving the fact she is messing with his head.  He is super sensory and I think the pressure of her pressing on his head to put the electrodes on gave him some sensory input.  He was up now!  I am thinking to myself, "He'll never go back to sleep and they are gonna send us home".  I gave him another milligram of melatonin to see if that wouldn't get him back to la-la land.  Finally, at 3 am he fell asleep.  Of course at this point my back is killing me and I am so tired I have become delirious. So I am up now at 6:30am watching my boy sleep wondering what his little brain is doing.  Hoping I can make it through the next 11 hours.  We shall see!  I'm going to finish my cup of coffee now:) 

Sleeping Cutie Woke Up!...but we made it through 12 hours and said they got a good we can go home now!!