Monday, July 30, 2012

Round 3

Got some more huge news last week about my baby boy. Texas Children's Genetic Center called and they have approved him to be a part of a study for rare genetic syndromes!!! He will be taking the Whole Exome Sequencing Test. The best part is..they said insurance will pay 100% of the genetic test!!!!This ones about $6000 buck-a-roos!! So off to Texas Children's to this week for Beckett, Chris and I to give blood. Please pray they find the answer we have been looking for. We are also waiting to here if he will qualify for the Human Genome Rare Diseases Study in Maryland..maybe I'll get to see the East Coast if we get to go.

                                 Riding on his pawpa's tractor at his ranch in Madisonville, Texas

Beckett is making more milestones everyday.  He is almost fully potty trained.  He still forgets if we don't remind him.  But he is in big boy pants all day and a pull up at night.  He stays dry throughout the night!! YEA!! I huge step we have been working on since Christmas.  The daycare has recently moved him into the 3 year old room.  He is trying to make more sounds and is imitating behaviors of his peers.  We are beginning to watch him play more functionally with toys..especially cars.  We are still trucking on.  We are in the process of getting a Dyno V communication device.  Hoping that insurance will pay for it 100%.  The therapist seems to think he will do well learning how to use it.  This will make communication so much easier for him.  God truly answers prayer.  When you begin to give up He reveals Himself when you least expect it.  GOD IS SO GOOD!